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Fishersen-watches are more than a simple timepiece.

For us nature is an expression of individuality and the starting point for self-fulfilment. That´s why our products should remind you, as your personal piece of nature, to make the most of your time - no matter where you are in life.

Spend time with people you love and realize things that mean something to you. Show us on our social media channels what you do with your time!

Enjoy your time.

Your Fishersen Team 

What makes our wooden watches?

Natural raw materials & careful handwork

Our watches are made from sustainably selected woods. Due to the careful selection of high-quality raw materials with special grain, all our handmade watches are limited and unique.

Unique design & quality clockworks

Inspired by breathtaking landscapes and urban spaces, our designs combine modern style and closeness to nature. So your wooden watch becomes a special companion for every occasion. Because the inner values ​​also count, our watch movements guarantee precision and a long service life.

Top prices & reinvestment in the environment

We save where it makes sense - that's why we keep the structures in our young company lean and the sales concept precise. So you not only get your watch in the best quality, but also at an excellent price. Last but not least, with your help we reinvest in our nature through every model sold.

What really drives us

At Fishersen we see our nature as a wonderful gift and as the place that gives us peace and strength. In our everyday life there is often no place for humanity and individualists. Today there is a norm for everything that we should adhere to. Here with us we want to reveal your true self. We encourage everyone who wants to live out their individuality. So it doesn't matter who you can be in the job, we care who you really are.

Become part of our mission.

Our shop is our baby and we want it to grow. Based on this idea, we decided that our customers could democratically decide how our shop should develop.

- New Products

- User-Friendly infrastructure

- Improvements in service

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